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Business Plan Production

Plan Beforehand Or

Risk Losing Afterwards


The first step in all financing activities is the development of a comprehensive Overview document. This document acts as the chief communication vehicle to interested parties.  Initially, Business Overviews should be viewed as an internal documents, an analysis to see if one should spent the next five years of their life and perhaps thousands of dollars that might be hard to come by on a venture that makes good business sense and has some reasonable belief for a chance of success.

The key with good business overviews are that they are written in the precise and standard language of business professionals.  There is a vernacular that business investors, credit officers, venture capitalists, private equity firms and corporate bankers know, are familiar with and like to see in documents they review. It s essential that your business plan be completed with these structure and vocabularies in mind.


All Business Overviews are comprised of two sections:

  • The Narrative section details a company’s history and major successes and other relevant information (e.g. Management experience, Capital structure, Market and Industry size).  If it is a prospective company, it details all the specific plans for the proposed venture including revenue generations, target markets, future expansion plans, marketing plans by category.

  • The Financial section outlines financial history and future years’ projections. These analyses are essential to positioning the company properly with potential investors.  They should include the main financial statements that guide all financial analysis as well as detailed, bottom-up approaches to deriving these numbers.

Further GOLDART pursues with the client the fruition of financing including bank presentations, equity pitch meetings and loan agreement negotiations. Successful meetings are dependent upon experience and understanding of all the relevant issues for both investor and client alike.

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