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Goldart Consulting LLC

Our Story, Purpose and Process

Goldart Consulting LLC is a Small Business Consulting practice specializing in Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Management.  We started Goldart 16 years ago with the goal of bringing the latest in Enterprise advisory, the skills, practices and efforts oftentimes the difference between success and failure, to small companies at a cost that is not prohibitive.  Over these years, we have helped countless small businesses in myriad industries accomplish the goals they’ve set out to achieve.

What We Do:
At Goldart, we focus on the core efforts that make meaningful impact on companies.  Our services are outlined in six broad categories: Finance / CFO, Marketing and Promotion, Business Plans production, Business Management and Strategy, Purchase and Sale Advisory and Funding Origination.  Together with our core group of Corporate partners, we offer counseling, expertise and hands-on output designed to drive revenue, profitability and long-term financial success and stability.


How We Work:
In this day and age, distance is no obstacle.  Our clients are all over the United States because with a computer, a telephone and the Internet, all the communication possibilities are at hand.  Whether it’s with Skype calls, teleconferencing or face-to-face meetings, we can do the work that needs to be done to make our clients successful.  Goldart’s current and past clients are based in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Colorado, Chicago, Ohio, South Carolina, Miami, New Mexico, California, Venezuela and Paris France.


How We Bill:
We work in one of two ways, on a Per Project basis or Hourly Increments.  If there is a project, we will analyze it with the client to understand the needs of it and the depth of time that will take to complete it.  From that, a set proposal will be given to the client for their acceptance at their discretion.  With Hourly Increments, we normally work on a ten-hour set with renewals happening at the client’s sole discretion.


Goldart Consulting LLC is a New York Limited Liability Company located in Manhattan New York.

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