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“We started Goldart 22 years

ago to bring the latest in Enterprise advisory, the skills .... 

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"Most often in Business, 

Success and Failure is....

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Knowledge and Experience."

Our Integrated Approach:

Measurable Business Success


This Way Forward

Goldart Helps

Small Businesses Succeed

Effective, Efficient, Experienced, Essential

Working Together

An Experienced Team

We bring in experienced team members with real-world successes to add  essential, targeted  knowledge to existing teams

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Project Leadership

We lead the projects with direct Financial impact on the long-term survival and future success of our clients and their businesses.

Financial Report

Substantial Savings 

We deliver savings vs. full-time employees as Employment costs (Cobra, healthcare, insurance) don't apply with us.

Successful Meeting

Timely & Professional

We complete the work needed professionally and timely to ensure positive reception with the end users and Corporate goals

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Because great Business people aren't born....they're made.  
These books are here to help you achieve your Business ambitions.

Our Servuces
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Our Client Services

CFO / Financial Services

Financial / CFO Services are core activities that preserve business interests. They include among other initiatives managing accounting, creating then analyzing budgets / forecasts and directing cash flow through Receivable & Payable efforts.

& Execution

It is axiomatic in business that it’s not the idea, but the execution of that idea that is the difference between success and failure. So many great ideas never met their full fruition because of poor management and business ignorance.

The goal of marketing is to implement business solutions to drive Sales and Brand equity. They include traditional tools (advertising, public relations and promotions) and newer tools (Internet advertising, SEO development).

Marketing &

Sale / Purchase

GOLDART assists in negotiations by evaluating offers against management’s goals, handling communication between parties and managing work flow to ensure the attainment of the favorable purchase price and deal structure.

Business Plan

The first step in all financing activities should be the development of a comprehensive Business Overview strategy document, which details the specific business planning in all essential areas of the proposed or ongoing company.


Whether you want to sell equity in your company, get a corporate bank loan, use Alternative lending options or crowdfund a new venture, how you raise capital will have substantial and perhaps existential effects on your business.

Busy Street

Marketing & Growth Campaigns
We've Created and Lead



What's Your New Killer Campaign Going to Look Like?

What Clients Are Saying
About Goldart Consulting

Schmid Payen
Magehire LLC

"Stuart has really changed both the managerial, and more importantly, the financial focus of our business. By creating unique strategic analyses tailored to my business and launching new fiscal processes in-house, he has helped us put our focus where it belongs--on profitability and long-term growth.


This led to improving results, a better client mix and new opportunities for growth. Additionally, on the personal front, I'm learning every week with him, developing the skills needed for my future success an flourishing of my endeavours."

Jeffrey Sheehan
Licensed Acupuncutist
Mark Thompson Acutherapy

"Stuart came into our Acupuncture practice like a dynamo, leading all the necessary changes to get our sleepy little practice to the next level. He directed the redesign of our website, created a whole new marketing theme and with it, new sales and presentation materials including logos, brochures, sales letters and pamphlets. He even overhauled our financial and accounting practices, which brought our focus back to where it needed to be, profitability and cash flow. When you’re not businessmen by nature, as acupuncturists we aren’t, it’s great to have someone like Stuart come in and add the knowledge, focus and skills to right the ship and help steer it to a brighter future."

David Simon
Hollis Laidlaw & Simon P.C.

"I've had the pleasure to work with Stuart on two occasions with regard to client cases, and thanks in part to Stuart’s efforts, both ended rather successfully. In each, Stuart’s skills and perspicacity were essential to achieving our end, defending our mutual client’s position, strategically thinking our best path forward. Personally, I was impressed by his ability to understand and assimilate complex legal arguments quickly and immediately suggest potentials paths forward to help our case. His financial knowledge of business valuations and ROI calculations were invaluable in achieving our success. In the future, when I need a financial or business consultant relating to my cases, Stuart will be my first call."

Aurelie Jezequel


Aurelie's Gallery LLC

"Stuart has advised me on everything from my marketing messaging and branding to contract details to cash flow forecasting and profitability. I always appreciate the depth of his knowledge and his ability to see the whole picture of my business and how the many pieces integrate. I've grown the business and I've grown as a business person with his counsel. 

We all need to build our team as Small Businesses in order to bring in the skills we don't have.  Stuart has played that role for us many times over.  I recommend him without hesitation."

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