Goldart Consulting has partnered with Capital Direct LLC
(, a nationally-recognized Lending source, to help provide unique funding opportunities to certain developing Small and Medium-sized enterprises.

Capital Direct LLC

Capital Direct is a leading, nationally recognized funding source for Small and Medium-sized business.  At Capital Direct, we understand businesses need capital and that current short-term results don’t necessarily reflect the true earnings potential of an enterprise.  This is why we work closely with lenders to underwrite loans based on assets and not just an entity’s last few cash flow statements.

lendingIn doing so, we provide a substantial bridge to future profitability by extending a lifeline to companies that traditional banks may not be comfortable approving for a loan. The result is a powerful option for Small Business financing that works regardless of the economic cycle for fast-growing, under-capitalized companies.

Types of Lending Options:

To Contact Capital Direct:
(800) 282 – 1353