Asset-Based Lending
There are many choices when it comes to financing growth including several non-bank lending alternatives. However with liquidity at a premium these days, Asset-based Lending, loans backed primarily by collateral owned or controlled by the borrower, has developed into a reliable, trusted funding source and an essential new tool for Small Business owners.  With its unique ability to weather changing economic conditions in perilous financial times, Asset-based Lending is the only funding option that gives smaller companies both greater liquidity and greater flexibility than traditional commercial bank loans.

Typical asset based transactions:

  • Companies with revenue between $3 million and $50 million
  • Have Working Capital needs of between $250,000 to $5 million
  • Lendable Assets include, but are not limited to Accounts Receivable, Raw or Finished Inventory and Machinery & Equipment
  • Manufacturing, Service and Distribution businesses in all sectors are acceptable borrowers
  • Through our Affiliate network, deal sizes can be funded anywhere from $500k to $100+ Million

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